Welcome to the official V STAR PROMOTION website.
On this website you will be able to find a range of information on V STAR PROMOTION as a company, the artists that V STAR PROMOTION works with, as well as live photography, media releases and V STAR PROMOTION'S international webshop.

Please regularly check news for recent updates and announcements in order to not miss out on anything big.

Most recent news
2017/01/21 【Website】
Website has been updated with newest information. More to come soon!

2017/01/21 【Webshop】
Sometimes, the webshop has timeouts, we are working on it!

2017/01/16 『24 Questions Event』
We ask that fans of Azlina tweet questions for the band with the tag #24azlina. The deadline is the 20th of January, on that day the band will randomly select 24 questions to answer, these will be filmed and one will be posted every hour for 24hours on the 1st of Febuary.

2016/12/07 【Webshop】
MORRIGAN'S HEART & トランキライザ are now available on the VSTAR WEBSHOP

2016/10/11 【J-ROCK CHIBIS Collaboration】
Up next, Azlina's alluring vocalist Sigva

2016/10/11 【youtube】
【Rides In ReVellion full MV】 Full MV for Rides In ReVellion's Seirios is now on YouTube.

New Art Elicia merchandise now available on the V STAR webshop!

2016/10/09 【KilloneX】
KilloneX has joined V STAR PROMOTION. Their releases will be soon available at the webshop.

2016/10/02 【Latest update news】
【Deviloof Annoumcment】
Deviloof Guitarist Ryuya will depart the band following the 22nd of October, citing a difference in musical direction.

【New Deviloof Merchandise Avalible】
Logo shirt, cap and lanyard now avalible at the webshop.

【J-ROCK CHIBIS Collaboration】
First up (out of 6), Rides In ReVellion's enchanting vocalist KuRo.
Avaible to purcahse at the webshop.

【Mascot - Aster】
Please welcome the new mascot of V STAR PROMOTION, Aster, look forward to seeing more of Aster~!

【New English Deviloof comment video】

2016/07/28 【Rides In ReVellion Special Announcement 】
We are thrilled to announce that Rides In ReVellion will be holding their first overseas event in America! They will be appearing at Anime USA in Washington, DC at the Washington Marriot Wardman Park Hotel on October 21-23, 2016.

2016/07/27 【ANNOUNCEMENT】
V STAR PROMOTION will be making a big announcment in the next 24 hours! look forward to it everyone!
2016/07/24 【WEBSHOP - Rides In ReVellion】
Rides In ReVellions new single Seirios, due 28th of July now available for pre order on the VSTAR webshop
2016/07/17 【WEBSHOP - Shipping】
New shipping option AIRMAIL available at the V STAR Webshop!
2016/07/15 【WEBSHOP】
Azlina merchandise can now be purchased on the VSTAR webshop
2016/07/10 【ART ELICIA merchendise now available】
ART ELICIA Cheki, photoset and CD are now available at our webstore.
2016/07/09 【DEVILOOF new mini album PURGE】
DEVILOOF new mini album PURGE will be soon available in our webstore.
2016/07/03 【V STAR PROMOTION has returned】
After to be offline for more than a week, the webiste and the store have finally returned.