Name: Rides In ReVellion
Formed: 2015
Vocal: 黎 (Kuro)
Guitar: TaJI
Bass: 渚 (Nagisa)
Drums: 飴 (Ame)


Rides In ReVellion is a new Japanese Visual rock band who started activities in May of 2015. With the concept "harmony of past and future" the great sounds of the previous era of Visual Kei are fused with the modern digital sound to touch the hearts of every generation.

mixing the future and the past with Sadistic Sadness Sentimental Sounds.

Combining a melody reminiscent of the Visual Kei scene established by their predecessors, such as X JAPAN、LUNA SEA and others in the 90, with a mode digital sound.
The goal is to fuse these two to create a HARMONIZED TIME PARADOX.
Drenched in a beautiful melody, piercing sounds that will pull at the heartstrings.